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7. Flexibility

The key concept behind the X terminal technology is the flexibility. Linux based X terminal successfully pass the following survey:

  • May I bring that home ?

    Sure, a linux workstation is both an application server and an X terminal. So you can use the same applications at home.

  • May I bring that on the road ?

    Linux operates pretty well on notebook computers. For the same reason as above, you can run the same programs on your notebook.

  • This users really needs a lot of horse power, is there a fix ?

    Nothing prevent a user from having a normal workstation. He will be able to run CPU or I/O intensive tasks on it, while being able to access the application server to run common programs.

    It is a good idea to experiment with X terminals before drawing conclusion or deciding who can use that and who can't. See the performance topic above.

  • May I run Java application on it ?

    The Java programs will run on the server and will display on the X terminal. Nothing special about it.

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