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2. The server

The key here is not that much the CPU but the available ram. We have experienced very good result with a Pentium 133 driving 4-6 X terminals. Depending on the programs used, memory between 96megs to 128megs is required.

Note that again, faster CPU and more RAM is always better but a lowly P133 with enough ram is a good performer. Most people have experienced with P133 and 16 megs. Throw some rams.

Desktop users (office tasks) work by chunk. They load a file and then read and then type a little and then preview. With 4-6 users, this means that they will seldom use the server CPU at the same time. This is why they will get in general excellent performance. Even if they do, you will find that it does not show that much, thanks to Linux efficient multi-tasking.

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