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1. The X terminals



The minimum usable X terminal is a 386/sx 25mhz with 4 megs of ram. While not that fast, it makes a usable station to run a web browser (such as netscape). Image will display fast enough. Scrolling won't be fast though (some wave effect). While the machine display slowly, the application server has no problem feeding it. The machine operates slowly, but without any pause. As such it makes a confortable station.

One must note that 386 computers are older than the Linux project. We have found that few have unsupported video adaptors (or less than capable ones). Unfortunatly, finding replacement video adaptor for those machines is not easy. Those machines are generally using ISA slots.

Recommended X terminal

While faster is always better, we have found that a 486 computer using a Vesa local bus or PCI video adaptor offers a very good performance. Redrawing and scrolling is crisp. For example a DX/2-66 with a ATI Mach32-2meg is a cool station, running smoothly in 64k colors mode.

Memory and disk drive

With 16 megs of ram, you do not need a hard drive at all on the X terminals. With 4 or 8 megs, we recommend setting a small swap file (8 megs). The installation kit will do it for you. It will create the swap file in the DOS partition.

No Linux software is installed on the harddrive, so the machine may be both an X terminal and a normal DOS/Windows workstation.

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