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2. Installation

To operate Virtualfs successfully, you must upgrade the glibc package. New version are provided for Red-Hat 5.2, 6.0 and 6.1. Pick the RPMs from

Then you must install the following packages:


This is the core package. It provides the virtualfs command and the various drivers (preloaded shared objects).


This one is need on the station where are located the devices (cd, floppy). In general, it is not needed on the application server.

On a workstation, one will generally install both virtualfs and virtualfs-server.

The following package are optional:


This provides both the client and server. This package extends the normal linux file permission to include access control list (ACLs) and a larger privilege set.


This provides the C++ include file to develop your own Virtualfs drivers. There is little documentation on that topic for now, just reading the source code for the other drivers will show you how easy it is.

Note that many drivers will be implement as litefs back-end. Next on my list is ftpfs, tarfs, etc...

2.1 X terminals

To access the CD, the floppy and the sound card on an X terminal (using the X terminal toolkit found at just install the packages virtualfs and virtualfs-server like this:

        rpm --root /xterminals/root -i virtualfs-x.y-1.i386.rpm 
        rpm --root /xterminals/root -i virtualfs-server-x.y-1.i386.rpm

2.2 The virtualfs command

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