TlmpDOC provides a solution to write document mixing dynamic content and several presentation engines. TlmpDOC documents are written using TLMP components.


tlmpdoc and cookies

Documents written using TlmpDOC may be presented over the web. The presentation engine is using cookies to track the readers. A cookie is stored in the browser. Its value is simply some random hexadecimal character combined with the date it was created. This yields a unique key to identify the browser (thus the user).

A database log every page read. The log include the version of the page as well. When the user visit the site, using the cookie and the database, the presentation engine can flag pages as follow:

  • Never read
  • Already read
  • Changed since last read

This technology allows users to more effectivly track the evolution of a project. Once you have read a complex document, you do not read it again just to see if it has changed. On our side, maintaining very verbose change logs is tedious. Further, a user may skip several updates and may miss many interesting changes.

TlmpDOC seems to solve this :-)

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