1. Using tags
2. Tag list
3. One little example
4. Tag definition
4.1 call
4.2 f
4.3 glocal
4.3.1 Using nested glocals
4.4 mod
4.5 obj
5. Creating components
5.1 Definition
5.2 Implementation
5.3 Taking advantage of the C++ implementation
5.4 Calling functags
5.5 Extending the functor classes
5.6 Adding content to the functor
5.7 Grabbing the functor address
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5.3 Taking advantage of the C++ implementation


Mapping Understanding the implementation offers some new options to make components easier to use. The goal is to put as much functionality as possible in the component without breaking it generality. This way, using the component becomes more efficients (less coding required, less glue code). Further, the component may offer a richer functionality.
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