1. Using tags
2. Tag list
3. One little example
4. Tag definition
4.1 call
4.2 f
4.3 glocal
4.3.1 Using nested glocals
4.4 mod
4.5 obj
5. Creating components
5.1 Definition
5.2 Implementation
5.3 Taking advantage of the C++ implementation
5.4 Calling functags
5.5 Extending the functor classes
5.6 Adding content to the functor
5.7 Grabbing the functor address
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4.5 obj


The <obj> tag is used to define a new object. This object has various functags, like a component called by the <call> tag. Object may be declared anywhere, either in a function as local variables or outside, as global variables. The tag requires two parameters: The class name and the variable name. Here is an example:
<obj SOME_CLASS var>(construtor parameters);
	<f load>
		// Code to load the object state
	<f save>
		// Code to store the object state

Using the obj tag

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