1. The idea
1.1 Graphical representation of a program
1.2 A flat view ?
1.3 A dead end
1.4 Cheating ?
1.4.1 Adding functionality
1.4.2 Object orientation
1.4.3 Fiddling with function pointers
1.5 Context oriented programming
1.5.1 Sharing information within a level
1.5.2 Calling a function from a lower level
1.5.3 Definition of a level or a tree
2. Building blocks
3. Reusing modules in different context
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3. Reusing modules in different context

So far so good, but what about TLMP. TLMP is a new programming scheme allowing to work on programs at the tree level, without having to rework the modules used. Using TLMP, one can create different programs reusing the same module set, but inter-connected differently without having to rewrite (even recompile) the modules.

Unlike everything else, with TLMP, the trees above are not a representation of something else, they are the program. Programmers operate directly on trees like this.

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