1. The idea
1.1 Graphical representation of a program
1.2 A flat view ?
1.3 A dead end
1.4 Cheating ?
1.4.1 Adding functionality
1.4.2 Object orientation
1.4.3 Fiddling with function pointers
1.5 Context oriented programming
1.5.1 Sharing information within a level
1.5.2 Calling a function from a lower level
1.5.3 Definition of a level or a tree
2. Building blocks
3. Reusing modules in different context
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1.1 Graphical representation of a program


A program can generally be presented as a graph. A function (main) is calling sub-functions, which in turn are calling other functions and so on.

While we can represent programs like this, we generally end up with a very large tree with various level of detail (important stuff mixed with very specific stuff). A solution is to create various trees. A main one show the general relation-ship between sub-trees providing independant functionalities. The reader can travel down the trees to better understand the details.

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