TLMP: The software IC concept

For years, the software industry has been looking to replicate the electronic industry success: The integrated circuit. Using high level, but specialised components, an engineer can produce new goods in short time, without understanding all the implementation details of each components.

The component concept found in electronic works because components provides generic ways to interact with other components. Further, one may invent new way to integrate components together, using "glue" components.

So far, the software industry have hoped to find a way to connect reusable components just by "plugging" them together, forgetting the "glue" concept above. It does not work. In fact, most reusable framework available today are used in a constricted way: Applications are build around one or few components. Components do not mix well.

The TLMP concept

TLMP provide a way to create generic components (context independant). It becomes possible to create application by connecting component and providing the glue to hook them.

The software IC

We are using an Integrated Circuit to present component. Here is the description.