NT2Linux is a migration kit. It picks various settings in NT and install them on a new Linux box. There are two components. One is a NT program allowing you to select the topics to export and the other is a Linuxconf module, adapting the information to Linux.

How to use it, on the NT side

You pick the two utilities nt2linux.exe and pwdump.exe (available from here). You copy them to your NT machine. You must have administrator privilege to run them.

You run nt2linux.exe. It is an interactive utility. You select the information you want to export and produce an export.dat file. You copy this file to linux. It generally fit on a floppy if you do not have already networking connectivity with your linux box.

To copy a DOS floppy on your linux box, in the current directory, you can do

		mcopy a:export.dat

How to use it, on the Linux side

You must install the nt2linux Linuxconf module, available from here.. Once you have pick the nt2linux rpm, you do

		rpm -i nt2linux*i386.rpm

Then, you enter linuxconf and visit the "Miscellaneous services" menu and then the "Import NT configuration" sub-menu. At this point, check the help screen for further instructions.