1. Introduction
1.1 Who needs that
2. Principles
2.1 Non reversible isolation
2.2 Isolation areas
2.3 New system calls
2.4 Limiting super-user: The capabilities system
2.5 Enhancing the capability system
2.6 Playing with the new system calls
2.6.1 Playing with /usr/sbin/chcontext
2.6.2 Playing with /usr/sbin/chcontext as root
2.6.3 Playing with /usr/sbin/chbind
2.6.4 Playing with /usr/sbin/reducecap
2.7 Unification
3. Applications
3.1 Virtual server
3.2 Per user fire-wall
3.3 Secure server/Intrusion detection
3.4 Fail over servers
4. Installation
4.1 The packages
4.2 Setting a virtual server
4.3 Basic configuration of the virtual server
4.4 Entering the virtual server
4.5 Configuring the services
4.6 Starting/Stopping the virtual server
4.7 Starting/Stopping all the virtual servers
4.8 Restarting a virtual server from inside
4.9 Executing tasks at vserver start/stop time
4.10 Issues
4.11 How real is it ?
5. Features
6. Future directions
6.1 User controlled security box
6.2 Kernel enhancements
6.2.1 Per context disk quota
6.2.2 Global limits
6.2.3 Scheduler
6.2.4 Security issues /dev/random /dev/pts Network devices
7. Alternative technologies
7.1 Virtual machines
7.2 Partitioning
7.3 Limitation of those technologies
8. Conclusion
9. Download
10. References
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3.3 Secure server/Intrusion detection


While it can be interesting to run several virtual servers in one box, there is one concept potentially more generally useful. Imagine a physical server running a single virtual server. The goal is isolate the main environment from any service, any network. You boot in the main environment, start very few services and then continue in the virtual server. The service in the main environment could be

  • Un-reachable from the network.

  • The system log daemon. While virtual server could log messages, they would be unable to change/erase the logs. So even a cracked virtual server would not be able the edit the log.

  • Some intrusion detection facilities, potentially spying the state of the virtual server. For example tripwire could run there and it would be impossible to circumvent its operation or trick it.

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