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2.6.3 Playing with /usr/sbin/chbind


The chbind utility is used to lock a process and its children into using a specific IP number. This applies to services and client connection as well. Here are few examples. Execute them as root:
# httpd is running
netstat -atn | grep ":80 "
# We see a line like this
# tcp    0   0*      LISTEN 
# Now we restart httpd, but we lock it so it
# uses only the main IP of eth0
/usr/sbin/chbind --ip eth0 /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd restart
netstat -atn | grep ":80 "
# Now we see a line like
# tcp    0*      LISTEN 
# httpd.conf was not changed.
# Now, restart it normally
/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd restart
# Now we experiment with client socket
# Log using telnet
telnet localhost
# Once logged in
netstat -atn | grep ":23 "
# You should see a line showing a connection from
# to like this
# tcp  0  0     ESTABLISHED 
# Now we do the telnet again, bug forcing it to select a specific IP
/usr/sbin/chbind --ip eth0 telnet localhost
# Log in and then execute
netstat -atn | grep ":23 "
# You will get something like
# tcp  0  0   ESTABLISHED

Using /usr/sbin/chbind

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