Linuxconf's maintainers

Here is the list of people responsible for various parts of linuxconf. This list does not cover the various contributors. It should help you find locate the proper person in charge!.

Jacques Gélinas jack@solucorp.qc.caAuthor
Michael K. Johnson johnsonm@redhat.comGNOME-linuxconf front-end
Kuba Fast jfast@friko5.onet.plKDE linuxconf front-end
Jonathan Mailing list administration
Marcelo Tosatti module maintainer
ProFTPD module maintainer
general hackings
Torbjörn Gard tgard@netg.seinetdconf and fetchmailconf module.
Everaldo Coelho and graphics
Conectiva Linuxconf team
Cristiano Otto Von Trompczynski
Daniel Mealha Cabrita
Gustavo Niemeyer
Many modules and enhancements

Barry Kwok Chinese (Big 5)
wen Chinese (simple)
Stanislav Visnovsky Czech
Marco Ruiter Dutch
Haapalainen Jarkko Finnish
Matthieu Araman French
Christopher Gallant German
Fehér Sándor Hungarian
Kazuyuki Okamoto Japanese
Hanseong Yoo Korean
aurelio marinho jargas - ctba portuguese
Stein Vrale
Ragnar Wisløff
Michal Borsuk Polish
(join the translating group)
Edison Assumpção Tacão
Carlos Augusto Horylka
Calin Velea Romanian
Eugene Borodin
Tim B. King
Torbjörn Gard Swedish
Peter Ivanyi Slovak
Marcelo Roccasalva
Jorge Carrasquilla
Fisek Turkce Grubu Turkish

Would you like to see your name here. No problem. Become a hero. Pick a part of linux, and make it manageable by linuxconf: Write a module, enhance linuxconf, write better documentation or simply translate it in your native language.