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5. Independant modules

Independant modules are linuxconf components which are compiled outside of the main Linuxconf source tree. While the same technology is used, things are a little simpler.

5.1 Source layout of an independant module

A module has a single .dic file. So the layout goes like this:


For example, for a module called fooconf translated in french and finish, you would get:


Note that fooconf/fooconf.dic is the official english text extract from the source code using the "make msg" command.

5.2 Installing messages for independant modules

To install the message, simply do make install. Given the simplicity and size of a module, installing everything, including every language translation is quick (famous last word).

5.3 Translating and keeping a translation current

You use the following command

        make LANG=xx syncmsg

It will update messages/xx.dic.

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