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3. A quick start

First of all, you might be interested in translating the help files or simply completing the work. Use the command

        linuxconf --helpfile

It will show all the help files needed by Linuxconf. Lines starting with *** indicate that the help files are missing (Not done).

3.1 Preparing a translation

The original English help files are located in the directory help.files/sources. There is one subdirectory per source directory (corresponding to the major components of Linuxconf: networking, mail, dns, file systems, etc...).

Setting the directory structure

Use the script help.files/scripts/ to install a new directory hierarchy in the help.files directory. There will be one directory per language. Use the same language ID as used to translate the messages (fr for French for example). Pass this ID as the argument to You must execute this script from the help.files directory.

This will create a subdirectory named following the language ID. A bunch of subdirectories will have been created with few files in it.

Refreshing the directory structure

The script help.files/scripts/ may be used after the directory hierarchy has been created. It will make sure that all new directories in help.files/sources are created and initialised. Running this script twice does not make any arm.

List of files to translate

Visit each subdirectory of the newly create directory and execute the make command without argument. This will list all help files not translated. For each missing help file, retrieve the original from the sources directory and go for it. For example, if you wish to translate the help screen routes.sgml in the netconf directory, execute

        cp ../../sources/netconf/routes.sgml .

3.2 Formatting the SGML files

Once you have one (or more :-) ) help file done (or partially done) you may wish to format it and check it out from Linuxconf. Simply run the make command without argument. It will format any SGML files not formatted yet or which have changed. If no errors are detected, you can run "make install" from the subdirectory holding the SGML file. You must be root to install help files.

Once installed, you can run Linuxconf and access the help file from the appropriate dialog. Make sure you have switched Linuxconf to the proper language.

3.3 Installing all help files

You can run the make install command from the help.files directory. This will install all help files (.html and .help) for all language in the /usr/lib/linuxconf directory.

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