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1. Technology used to write the helps

All the help files are written in the SGML variant used by the LDP team (Linux Documentation Project). They use it for HOWTOs especially. You can find more information about linuxdoc-sgml at http://what_is_the_official_site_for_it

This format is especially convenient because it allows one to write help files which can be translated in HTML and ASCII text. Further, linuxdoc-sgml support accentuated characters, making it nice for foreign languages.

The output looks good in pure text and it is expected that the output will be appealing when the graphical (GUI) version of Linuxconf will be available.

If you are not familiar with linuxdoc-SGML, you can still patch the *.help file and send me the modification. I will incorporate them in the SGML.

Just remember that the files with the extension sgml are the originals: The corresponding html and help files are generated from them.

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