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12. The dropins and sysv init scripts

Most Linux distributions are based on Sysv init scripts. Linuxconf supports them. But various things may be said about this technology.

So a more "informative" control file is needed. In Linuxconf it is called a dropin. Like a SysV init script, a dropin is just "droped in" place to make some packages enabled. Dropins are simple configuration file using the CONFDB object (same format as /etc/conf.linuxconf). Dropins are currently roomed in

. They may be stored at other place, potentially right in the various sysv init directories (/etc/rc.d/rcX.d).

A dropin carry the following information

Linuxconf provides a user interface to create those dropins. Further the content of a dropin may be locally changed without changing the dropin file itself.

is used to store the various changes done locally.

The dropin stores other informations telling Linuxconf when to start the service. This could be potentially changed for the case where a dropin is stored in a startup directory normally containing SysV init scripts. This will have to be evaluated. Both strategies may be used at once. Here are the informations stored in the dropin for activation control.

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