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Linuxconf GUI API


Linuxconf has a client/server protocol for its GUI toolkit. Mostly, the core Linuxconf talks with a small GUI server using a pair of pipes. The protocol between the two is simple (and ASCII). The reference version of the GUI server is written using the wxXt toolkit. There are other version of the server written in Java, Gtk and Newt( text mode front-end). The Java version is mostly on the back burner, but the other should be complete soon. This allows Linuxconf to closely fit any desktop environnement, even on other OSs than linux.

1. Description of the protocol

2. Forms: Container objects

3. Tree menu: A special type of form

4. Pull down menus and popup

5. Disposition control

6. Other commands sent by Linuxconf

7. Messages sent by the GUI front-end

8. Mouse cursor management

9. Drawing primitive

10. Miscellaneous

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