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2. Layout of the source tree

The source tree is made of many sub-directory. Here is an overview in alphabetical order.


This is the start of a module builder. It should help those who want to write just a single module. Not yet working though.


This is the user interface toolkit.


This is the java graphical front-end. This project almost work but has been put on the back burner because it is considered to slow. This directory also contains the protocol handling part of the GUI protocol.


This is the reference version of the GUI front-end. This one is written using the wxXt toolkit. Other front-ends exists for Linuxconf (gnome-linuxconf, gecko) which are not part of this source distribution. They conform to the following specification


This contains all the help screens for linuxconf and the modules. It follows the messages sub-directory with a somewhat flat layout. You have the sources sub-directory which contains one directory per modules/linuxconf-sub-directory. Then you have one directory per translation holding the same sub-directory tree.


This contain the main for Linuxconf in as well as the main menu in


This contains various functions and classes used everywhere in Linuxconf.


This contains the various files used to build tbe binary dictionaries used by linuxconf and the various modules. One dictionary is produced for linuxconf and one for each modules.

The organisation of this directory is pretty flat. The source sub-directory contains all the .dic files for Linuxconf and the various modules. This is convenient to have all the .dic file at one place.

Then there is one sub-directory for each translation (fr for french, de for deutch, etc...). Each one contains a README telling you who is the maintainer for this translation.


This is an attempt to break linuxconf into a large unprivilege program and a small priviled (setuid) one. Not much done yet.


It contains all the modules, one per sub-directory. It also contains the script which will help you prepare a sub-directory for a new module.


The spec file used to produce the RPM for linuxconf is built on the fly using various rules. All the files used to build the spec file are located in this directory.


It contains the various utilities needed to deliver the virtual domain functionality.


It used to contain an X configurator. Few unused file lies there as well as very few general purpose functions.

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