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20. List of specification not dispatched

#Specification: dnsconf / times / display format ([,7])

A DNS manage time in seconds. dnsconf display those times using the following format, which makes it easier for user:

            d  = number of days
            hh = number of hours
            mm = number of minutes
            ss = number of seconds
dnsconf also accept user input with the same format except that the leftmost components are optionnal. This means that the user may enter a huge number (a lot of seconds), or break this number is days, hours, ... The input format is then
Where the items inside the square brackets are optionnals.

#Specification: fgets_comment / strategy ([,92])

When parsing comment out of a configuration file, only the text is kept (the # is striped). This helps the edit process. Comments should be written back with comment_write().

#Specification: modules / description ([,635])

The module description is stored in a file holding its name in /usr/lib/linuxconf/descriptions/LANG/. Each file there should only have a single short line. We are reading only the first line to build the dialog anyway.

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