CONFIG_FILE status bits

#Specbeg: CONFIG_FILE / status bits definition

	#define CONFIGF_NONE        0
	#define CONFIGF_MANAGED     1       // linuxconf do edit this file
	#define CONFIGF_PRIVATE     2       // Only root can see this
	#define CONFIGF_OPTIONNAL   4       // Don't complain if the file
	                                    // is missing.
	#define CONFIGF_GENERATED   8       // linuxconf do not edit
	                                    // the file, but generate it.
	#define CONFIGF_PROBED      16      // This file is checked to
	                                    // control a daemon
	#define CONFIGF_ERASED      32      // Erased at boot time
	#define CONFIGF_SIGNPOUND   64      // Write a linuxconf signature
	                                    // when opening the file for writing
	#define CONFIGF_NOARCH      128     // This file must not be archived
	#define CONFIGF_VIRTUAL     256     // Logical view of a configuration file
	                                    // used for archiving and remote admin
	#define CONFIGF_DIST        512     // The file is not archived directory
	                                    // but is distributed in various sub-systems
	#define CONFIGF_TMPLOCK     1024    // The file is saved in a temporary file
	                                    // and then renamed atomically in place
	#define CONFIGF_FIXEDBASE   2048    // This file can't be relocated to
	                                    // an admin tree (this was really
	                                    // created for /var/log/netconf.log)