Linuxconf news

Some nice comments about linuxconf

This Infoword article talks a bit about Linuxconf.


A new document is available here. It presents the important bugs and a roadmap of the expected enhancements to come.

The linuxconf site is being reworked

To make the site more informative, the whole Linuxconf site is moving to dynamic content. Starting now (1999/02/15).

shellmod: Writing linuxconf modules using bash

Using the new shellmod linuxconf module, one can easily build independant utilities and linuxconf modules using simple shell script. Here is some documentation

Linuxconf-devel: indenpendant modules

The linuxconf-devel package allows one to write linuxconf modules outside of the Linuxconf source tree. So far 3 modules has been done this way: managerpm, userinfo and mgettyconf. More to come. This is the target of version 1.13: More modules.

Linuxconf 1.12: The unified version

For some time, there were two version of linuxconf: 1.10 and 1.11. 1.11 was a more general and modular version, but was tested well only on RedHat 5.1. 1.12 is the unified version (a single version for all distribution, a single binary for most) which works on all distribution. From now on, Linuxconf development should resume to the steady state (one release per 1 or 2 weeks).

A FAQ for linuxconf on RedHat 5.1

A small FAQ was written to explain how linuxconf works on redhat 5.1 and what is the story with linuxconf 1.11. You will find it here .

New documentation manager

Paul Gerwe is now the new guy in charge for documentation and help files. You can reach him at

Linuxconf in redhat 5.1

Linuxconf is now officially part of redhat 5.1.

1.10r26: More modules

Linuxconf 1.10r26 introduces few interesting modules. The pppdialin should be a good solution to make PPP accounts much more manageable. The squid module is a start to manage the proxy+cache server. The usermenu module should be useful to create simplified views for co-administrators.

Check out this document to learn about the modules currently available.

1.10r4: Enhanced Sysv init scripts

With this new release, sysv init script are brought on par with the dropin technology. Package builder, check out this document. It will tell you how you can build much more useful and reliable System V init script.

1.10r4: Slackware and shadow password support

A bug was fixed. Linuxconf is now fully compatible with the shadow password suite found on recent Slackware distributions.

Linuxconf and RedHat software: important news

On december 3 and 4, I (Jacques Gélinas) visited RedHat software. To goal of the meeting was to evaluate the possibility/interest of adapting Linuxconf so it becomes the system administration framework of future RedHat releases (which one, time will tell).

This meeting went very well. After reviewing various aspects of Linuxconf, we came out with a list of things that needed to be addressed so this would be possible (which includes some work on both side). One thing was clear: Both party were interested in making that a reality.

1.9r27.2: Accross the world

This version now contain a fairly complete translation in french a start in german and italian.

The system profile archiving and versionning has been enhanced to make it more flexibile.

This version also has been uploaded to various ftp site

1.9r26.17: The RPM is back

The build process needed to build an RPM has been merged in the standard source tree of linuxconf. This means that in the future, RPM versions of linuxconf will be produced at the same rate as the bin-elf.tar.gz distribution, side by side.

This new RPM supports (the same binary RPM) RedHat as well as Caldera installation. It is expect that in a short future the same RPM will also support SuSE.

An RPM for Sparc Linux should follow soon also.

1.0r26-12: The GUI is available

Finally, linuxconf has a functionnal GUI. It is sophisticated and quite flexible, allowing for one highly efficient and secure remote administration, especially accross slow internet links. Click here for the announce.

1.9r26-9: The module API (finally), Apache and Samba support

A first draft of the documentation needed to write linuxconf modules (and linuxconf in general since this is the same API) has been published. Check out this document

With it, two modules have been released: One is for Apache management and the other for Samba administration. The Apache module copes with about everything you generally throw in httpd.conf (virtual host and directory statements especially).

The Samba module presents most Samba options in various dialogs. The next release will feature transparent synchronisation between normal linux passwords and SMB encrypted ones.

1.9r26-4: The french translation coming along

Matthieu Araman ( is making very good progress on the french version. More than half of the user interface is translated. This will be available shortly.

1.9r26-3: Documentation for the GUI API

Linuxconf's GUI is based on a client server model. Linuxconf uses a special ASCII protocol to send request to a general purpose GUI frontend. The current implementation is done in Java. It may be done with various other toolkit. You can find a complete description of the protocol here.

1.9r26-2: Mail to fax gateway

This is the first delivery of a usable/useful mail to fax gateway in Linuxconf. It supports a sophisticated and flexible access control strategy allowing to control who can fax where and from where they can do it.

1.9r25: RPM for RedHat finally

Starting with 1.9r25-9, there is an RPM for redhat that install, upgrade and uninstall painlessly. It is available from in the pub/contrib/i386 directory. We own this to Dale Lovelace ( Thanks Dale.

1.9r25-3: Disk quotas management

Disk quota management is now available in 1.9r25-3. It sports multiple levels of defaults. A must for large systems and ISPs.

1.9r22: SysV init script support

Linuxconf 1.9r22 is a very important test release. It introduces a new strategy bringing all the benefits of linuxconf's technology and yet fully support the Sysv init script strategy. This will allow Linuxconf to smoothly install on most distributions (RedHat, Debian, SuSE, Caldera to name a few are all using the SysV init script strategy).

1.9r10: On demand dialing with diald

Since 1.9r10, on demand dialing with is supported with a nice PPP frontend... It requires dialog 0.16

1.9r8: dhcp configuration and crontab

1.9r6: User may change password using the html interface

Since 1.9r6 Linuxconf provides a way for POP and PPP users to change their own password. See the 1.9R6 change log

1.9r5: Linuxconf on Sparc linux

Linuxconf works now on Sparc-Linux (Redhat 4.0) since 1.9r5. is running Sparc-linux!

Linuxconf 1.8 is the latest official release.