Module xterminals: screen shot

To server linux based X terminals (and other X terminals) several services must be tuned. Most linux distributions ships thoses services in a disable state. This include NFS (file server) , XFS (font server), XDM/KDM/GDM (Graphical login manager), DHCP (IP number allocation), and few other. This guru lets you walk over the various configurations and fix them as you go.

You can also reuse the guru later, after an upgrade for example to make sure the configuration is still valid to serve X terminals.

You can view all the terminals configured. For each one you can see if it is running, its IP, if a user is currently logged, if a printer is attached and so one. By selecting a terminal, you can either manage the processes of the user, or change some aspect of its configuration (default printer, ...)

You can turn on or off terminal configurability at any time. When turn off, a terminal is not allowed to change its configuration.

You can setup various parameters based on the number of users/terminals.