amandaconfConfiguration of the Amanda backup system
drbdconfConfiguration of DRBD devices
grubconfConfiguration of the GRUB boot loader
heartbeatconfConfiguration of the heartbeat server
ircdconfConfiguration of the IRCd server
isapnpconfConfiguration of ISA Plug & Play (PNP) devices on intel architecture
kbdconfKeyboard configuration for console.
kernelconfKernel configuration
modemconfBasic modem configuration and probing.
mouseconfMouse configuration module
opensshdConfiguration of the openssh daemon.
pamconfConfiguration of pam (Pluggable Authentication Modules)
postfixconfConfiguraton of the postfix mail server
printerConfigure the BSD print server (lpd) found on most Linux distribution.
pslaveconfConfiguration of the portslave server
pythonmodLinuxconf python binding.
radiusconfConfiguration of the Radius authentication server
reportSystem report generation module.
shellmodWrite Linuxconf modules using Bash or Perl
wineconfConfiguration of the wine package
XkbdconfKeyboard configuration for XFree86 4.X.X
xterminalsConfiguration and administration of linux based X terminals