Linuxconf module license

Linuxconf is released under the GPL. To promote usage of linuxconf
as much as possible and promote the idea of incorporating support
for third party components, a module concept has been introduced.

It will be possible to produce DLLs which will be loaded at run time
upon request by linuxconf. These modules have access to the full API
and user interface toolkit of linuxconf. Some documentation and
examples are in the making at this point. Those interested in looking
into this may contact me.

Modules can be distributed separatly from the main linuxconf distribution
in source or in binary form using the licensing you wish. Linuxconf
itself is still distributed under the GPL licensing agreement, so all
modification you make to it should be published somehow. Contact me
in any doubt.

I suggest that those who wish to distribute linuxconf's module separatly
from the main distribution contact me so at least I will be able to
inform you in advance of any new release/changes/whatever you may
want to know.

Jacques Gelinas