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3. Administration commands

You can define various administration commands. The co-administrators will be apply them to various user accounts member of the special group. An administration command is usually a shell script that perform a task for one or more user. Potential usage are:

3.1 Command line format

An administration command will be called with the list of user accounts selected by the administrators (potentially all members of the special groups). At definition time, you can specify few command line option also. To differentiate the original command line options from the user accounts, linuxconf insert a -- sequence between the options and the user accounts.

For example, the supplied script used to update the bookmarks expect to pick those bookmarks from another user accounts. An usual command line would look like:

        /usr/lib/linuxconf/usersbygroup/ teacher -- \
                mary john patrick

3.2 Logging

All usage of those administration commands are logged, including the output and error message. This is logged in the linuxconf logs.

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