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1. User accounts

Under user accounts, you'll see a list of accounts on your system that you may need to modify. The account information displayed is as follows:


The username or login name.


The full name of the account's user. This will show up in several places, including the user's e-mail From: header.


The User ID number is the number that the system uses to identify an account. The system doesn't really care about the username; it identifies process and file ownership according to UIDs.


Every account is a member of at least one group. Some groups are logical collections of users who need access to the same types of files or programs. In the User Private Group (UPG) scheme, used by Red Hat Linux and others, each user has his/her own default private group. UPG is intended to make it easier to manage group projects.

1.1 Adding a new user account

To add a new user account, select Add. Linuxconf will display a user account creation screen, where you'll have to fill in information about the new user.

1.2 Other options

To edit or delete an account, select the account you want to modify. Linuxconf will display user information, where you can edit, delete or change the password for the account.

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