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1. Description of privileges

Here is a list of general privileges:

May use Linuxconf

This gives access to Linuxconf, but not much more. The co-administration only has access through Linuxconf to information already available using a non-privileged shell account.

Nevertheless, this privilege is needed to get in. Other privileges are needed to do anything useful.

May activate config changes

Whenever you quit Linuxconf or use the "Activate changes" button, it probes the system and lets you activate various changes. While this privilege does not let you configure anything, it allows you to make some changes effective.

May shutdown

This privilege allows you to shutdown/reboot the computer using the Linuxconf control panel, or the Linuxconf --shutdown command line.

May switch network mode

Note that this is not supported on all distributions. This allows you to operate the "Switch network mode" of the Linuxconf control panel.

May view system logs

Allows you to view the various logs managed by Linuxconf.

SuperUser equivalence

This allows you to do absolutely everything inside Linuxconf. Anyone who has this privilege "owns" the machine. This privilege was created for home user, to simplify the security model a bit.

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