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2. Synchronous operation

Whenever some component in Linuxconf tries to update a file, a temporary file is produced and the Update monitor is given control. The operation of the component is suspended until the admin has either accepted or rejected the changes.

2.1 Dialog description

The Update monitor is made of a single dialog. It presents the following fields and buttons.

Configuration file

This presents the path of the configuration file being updated.

Proposed update

This presents the path of the temporary file containing the new version of the configuration file.

The Edit button

Clicking on this button lets you edit the temporary file. This lets you either review the file or add some modifications before it is actually commited (replace the official configuration file).


The rest of the dialog presents the differences (using "diff -c") between the current configuration file and the proposed update.

The "Cancel" button

This hide the update monitor. If an update was pending, it is rejected.

The "Accept changes" button

This signals the application to commit the update.

The "Reject changes" button

This signals the application to abort the update.

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