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6. Module builder

A shell module builder is available to get you started faster. You access this builder from shellmod main menu or with the shellmod utility:

        shellmod --build

A single dialog appears. You fill it and this create the framework for a new shell module. Here are the various fields

6.1 Path of the module

You simply enter the full or relative path of the new shell script you want to create. The builder is not able to edit an existing module.

6.2 Insert in menu

You must supply the menu id of the menu in which you want to insert the module (in Linuxconf). A module may insert in several Linuxconf menus, but the builder only supports one. Modifying the code later is easy.

This field has a help list to pick the proper ID.

6.3 Menu title

Just enter the text of the menu entry.

6.4 This is a user account co-manager

By selecting this check-box, you instruct the builder to generate the proper co-manager function templates (setupdia,save,deluser,validate).

Note that a module may be a co-manager and insert in menus as well.

6.5 Main menu entries

You simply enter the various menu entries. For each one, the builder will generate a shell function template menufunc1, menufunc2. It will also generate the menu code in the main function. You will have to provide the code for the various menufunc functions.

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