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2. Share Setup

2.1 Share name

The name of the share that is exported. It is used when connecting the share to another computer.

2.2 Comment/description

This is a text field that is seen next to a share when a client does a net view to list what shares are available.

If you want to set the string that is displayed next to the machine name, see the server string command.

Default: No comment string

Example: Fred's Files

2.3 This share is enabled

This enables the share to be viewable from browse lists automatically.

2.4 Browsable

This controls whether this share is seen in the list of available shares in a net view and in the browse list.

2.5 Inherit settings from share

This parameter allows you to 'clone' service entries. The specified service is simply duplicated under the current service's name. Any parameters specified in the current section will override those in the section being copied.

This feature lets you set up a 'template' service and create similar services easily. Note that the service being copied must occur earlier in the configuration file than the service doing the copying.

Default: No copy service set

Example: otherservice

2.6 Directory to export

This parameter specifies a directory to which the user of the service is to be given access.

Any occurrences of %u in the path will be replaced with the username that the client is connecting as. Any occurrences of %m will be replaced by the name of the machine they are connecting from. These replacements are very useful for setting up pseudo home directories for users.

Note that this path will be based on Root Directory if one was specified.

Default: No path set

Example: /home/fred+

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