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1. SAMBA Configuration

The main menu presents you with four submenus.

1.1 Defaults

The configuration options under this menu apply to the overall configuration of the SMB server. This includes security modes, server announce strings etc.

The default menu also sets several options that are inherited by all shares on the server. Most of these can be overridden, or extended.

1.2 Default setup for users' home

This defines the configuration for users' home directories. When a user with an account on your Linux server connects, they are able to mount their home directory as a SAMBA share.

1.3 Default setup for printers

Currently unimplemented.

1.4 Disk shares

This is for defining which parts of the Linux filesystem are shared to outside users. This is where specific groups or SAMBA file repositories could be defined.

This has an initial menu to allow you to select, add or delete a specific share that is currently on the server.

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