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PPP/SLIP/PLIP Configuration


Most users do not have a network card in their computer, so in order for them to access the Internet or other machines they require a protocol that will work over connection they already have. Linux is designed to use low level PPP (Point to Point Protocol), SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) drivers over direct serial links or modem connections, and PLIP (Parallel Line Internet Protocol) drivers over a parallel (Laplink-style) cable. RedHat software uses a different method of configuration from that of other Linux distributions and uses a different configuration method. Note the RedHat PPP module does not support the command line options of netconf.

1. Necessary information For PPP/SLIP Connections

2. Necessary Information for PLIP Connections

3. Configuring PPP

4. Configuring SLIP

5. Configuring PLIP

6. Customizing the PPP Configuration

7. Customizing SLIP Configuration

8. Customizing PLIP Configuration

9. Troubleshooting PPP connections

10. Troubleshooting SLIP connections

11. Troubleshooting PLIP connections

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