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4. Filter options

Filters defines how the data should be prepared before being sent to the printer, it depends on the printer brand and model and what output quality you desire.

4.1 Filter currently selected

The filter being applied to this printer. A "Text-only" printer means the data is not filtered at all (useful if the printer is remote and it's filtering data remotely, as example).

You may select a different filter clicking on the "Select filter" button.

4.2 Resolution

This is the desired print quality (the higher, the better).

It may be unavailable depending on the filter selected.

4.3 Paper size

The type of paper feeded in the printer. Note that only few settings may apply depending on the printer hardware.

4.4 Color depth

The desired color resolution for printed output.

Please note that some filters use this field as generic resolution selector instead using the Resolution menu.

4.5 Printed pages

Number of pages printed per sheet (usually, just one).

4.6 Send EOF

Sends EOF character to printer after the job is done.

4.7 Fix ladder effect

Changes LF to CR+LF when sending job to printer. (this may be necessary for some printers outputting correctly)

4.8 Fast ASCII output

Sends ASCII data directly to printer (no filtering), resulting (for most printers) in much faster printing.

This only affects ASCII data, raw text.

4.9 Horizontal margins

Desired horizontal margins for printing, in pixels.

4.10 Vertical margins

Desired vertical margins for printing, in pixels.

4.11 GS extra options

Desired extra parameters for GS filter. Normally this is left blank.

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