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3. Features controlled by pppdialin

This is a feature list offered by the pppdialin module. You control those features either from one PPP account dialog or by setting the default in the policy section of the user account menu.

3.1 PPP parameters

In this section, enter the parameters specific to the PPP protocol and session.

Copy from account

The current PPP account will inherit, field by field, the settings of this account. The effective value of each parameter is obtained by computing this inheritance. The default values (set in the default PPP parameters menu) are overridden by this "parent" account and then by the value entered in this account.

Allocate remote IP from tty name

Same as the default.

Remote IP number

Use this field to allocate a fixed IP. This is used generally for a dedicated 24/7 link.

Primary DNS

Same as default.

Secondary DNS

Same as default.

Idle time

After some idle period, the PPP daemon may disconnect the link. You must specify this in seconds. A 0 means that the feature is not used.

Maximum connect time

Same as default.

Other pppd options

The PPP daemon has a very large option set. You may want to specify some here which are not handled by the dialog.

Post connect command

Enter the path and argument of a command which will be executed once the connection is established. This is optional.

Post disconnect command

Enter the path and argument of a command which will be executed after the connection has ended. This is optional.

Deliver to this domain

Enter the name of a mail domain. Once the connection is established, the following command will be executed:

        /usr/sbin/sendmail -qRdomain

This is useful for non-dedicated accounts, where the client is running an smtp server.

3.2 Routing

You can set up static routes at connect time by entering a list of network/netmask pairs. This is optional.

3.3 IPX options

The PPP protocol may be used to carry IPX packets as well as IP packets. In this section, you control the minimum IPX options needed.

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