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Basic Postfix Configurations

Cristiano Otto Von Trompczynski

This module allows you to configure Postfix through Linuxconf. The module sets more than 130 variables. When the module doesn't find a configuration variable, the module retrieve the variable's value by means of the Postfix function 'postconf -d'. Should you change some variable's value, this will be inserted in the configuration file. Variables found in the configuration file are never removed by module. Postfix is an alternative to the use of Sendmail. It aims to be easy-of-use, secure and fast, still maintaining compatibility with sendmail in order to ease migration.

Some Postfix features:


Postfix can send and receive 1 million mails a day.

-Sendamail compatibility:

Postfix was developed to be sendmail compatible in order to ease the migration process. It supports /var/spool/mail, /etc/aliases, NIS and  /.forward files. However, for purposes of easing management, it doesn't use the file.

-Powerful and effective:

Postfix was developed to work through stress conditions behaving itself in a "rational" way. It controls memory usage and the amount of sent and received messages this way avoiding server overcharge.


Postfix is built by approximately half a dozen of small programs, each one playing a specific role, e.g.: Send a message via SMTP, send a message locally, receive a message via SMTP, rewrite an address. Its design allows sites with specific requirements to replace one or more of such components by alternative versions that comply with your requests.


Postfix uses multiple security layers to protect local system against attacks. Almost all of the Postfix daemons can run in an environment protected by chroot.

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