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3. Description of the dialog

The IPX configuration is done with a huge dialog, letting you select all the interfaces needed on your network at one time.

3.1 Activating IPX networking

A checkbox lets you turn on IPX networking. This checkbox allows you to do this without losing the configuration you previously entered.

If you activate the IPX networking, Linuxconf will search for IPX network support in the kernel. If unavailable, it will try to load the IPX kernel module.

3.2 Auto-configure section

Most Linux workstations will need to have the Autoconfigure primary and Autoconfigure interfaces frame types radio buttons toggled.

3.3 Manual configuration

The dialog offers you several sections for each Ethernet adapter, allowing you to configure each possible IPX interface based on the available packet types. Each subsection has a checkbox letting you turn on and off this interface. A radio button lets you select this interface if it is the primary one. "Checking" this radio button deselects all related radio buttons including the autoconfigure primary one.

A field also lets you enter the network address, which is a hexadecimal number. A value of 0 means to autoconfigure it based on packets seen on the wire.

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