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5. Command line usage

The netadm module has its own set of command line options. You can enable command line usage by doing.

        ln -s /bin/linuxconf /bin/netadm

Here are the various command line options

5.1 netadm --help

This presents a screen showing the available options

5.2 netadm --import admin-group

Installs configuration files received from an administration workstation. Those files are stored in /etc/linuxconf/admgroups/"admin-group".

5.3 netadm --remadm [ host ]

This is used for remote administration where you run the GUI front-end on your station, but talk to a Linuxconf on a remote host.

This triggers a menu presenting various hosts for acess.

When specifying an argument (a host name), a remote administration connection is established immediately.

See the section below on setting special accounts to do remote administration.

5.4 netadm (no argument)

This starts the main menu of the module.

5.5 Alternative ways to trigger netadm from the command line

Linuxconf supports the ability to delegate command line parsing to modules. One way to achieve this is by setting up a symbolic link pointing to

. The other way is by using the special syntax

        linuxconf --modulemain netadm ...

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