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2. Command line usage

Linuxconf is an interactive utility that can also be run from the command line, which is useful for scripts. Furthermore, linuxconf has several aliases allowing you to enter directly into one of its functional areas. These include:

2.1 domainname

Print and set the NIS domainname.

2.2 dnsconf

It gets you directly into the main menu of the DNS configure program.

2.3 fixperm

fixperm makes sure that the vital files and directories have proper ownership and permissions.

Without argument, it prints its command line options.

2.4 fsconf

It gets you directly into the filesystem's configuration menu.

2.5 hostname

Print and set the hostname.

2.6 linuxconf

Without argument, it simply gets in linuxconf's main menu.

2.7 passwd

Allows you to change your password, or the password of other users if you have root access.

"passwd -h" shows the options

2.8 netconf

Without argument, this will get you into the networking submenu of Linuxconf. Here are the command line options:

2.9 userconf

It gets you directly into the user configuration menu. Here are the command line options:

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