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6. Once operational

6.1 How to add POP users

Once a virtual email domain is working, you still have to add POP users to it. There is a menu entry in the User accounts menu called Virtual POP accounts (mail only) . It allows you to pick a virtual domain and add new accounts or edit accounts.

6.2 Co-administrator

For each virtual email domain, a new privilege is added to linuxconf. You can grant this privilege to any normal user. He will be allowed to manage the user list (POP users only) of the virtual domain. This is fully operational using the HTML interface also.

6.3 How can a user change his password

One problem with POP only users (and also PPP users) is that they don't have access to any shell account from which they can easily change their password.

Linuxconf provides a neat solution to this problem. This is only available with the HTML interface, and it fully supports virtual email domains. If you point your browser to the following URL:


you will access a simple screen allowing anyone to change their own password. "your_server" may be any one of the virtual POP servers or the normal name of your server. Linuxconf will manage the proper password file based on the IP number used to reach it.

It is a good idea to hide this URL in one of the information pages of your server (it is a little bit odd to type).

How can a user change his password for IPless configurations

The above URL relies on proper reverse mapping to identify the target domain. The following URL works without any particular IP. The target domain is encoded in the URL.


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