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2. Setup

Configuring the mail to fax gateway involves few operations. Mostly, for the mail to get through, there is some DNS work to do, and you must set access control policies.

2.1 DNS management

You must provide "email advertising" or MX records for the fax gateway. You need to add two pseudo hosts in your domain. Each host will contain a pointer to the fax gateway server in the email advertising section.

2.2 Setting sendmail

The fax gateway must run sendmail. It does not need to be the official mail server of your company; although there are some relationships. See the "access control details" later in this help document.

The email to fax gateway must be enabled before generating the Fill in the dialog "mail to fax gateway/basic information." Check out the help screen.

Generate the (linuxconf will tell you to if you forget).

2.3 Access control

This topic defines who can fax where. By default, access is denied to everyone. Configuring this is mandatory.

Access rules and groups

The mail to fax gateway may use several criteria to accept or reject a request. A rule is one combination of criteria that may be reused to control access to the various fax zones and fax aliases below.

Fax users

Some fax destinations are only available to specific users. You define them here.

Fax zones

A fax zone associate a fax rule with a phone area.

Fax aliases

A fax alias associates a name with a phone number and a fax rule. This lets users fax to a name instead of to a phone number.

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