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3. Pseudo user

You might need to talk to someone in an organization without knowing his real name. Perhaps you want to talk to someone in charge of a service, for example.

3.1 List of well known pseudo-users

The Internet has defined many pseudo-users. Here is a list of the ones you should define on your system (the mail-host server):

3.2 Aliases for administrative accounts

Linux systems have several administrative accounts which receive mail. It is a pain to manually log in as one of those users just to check if there is any mail. Instead, you can redirect those accounts' mail to a real user (you?).

Here is a list of those accounts:

3.3 The admin pseudo-user

On small sites, there may be a single administrator for the complete network. Instead of setting all those aliases to point to him, you may save time and point them to the pseudo-user "admin," which is actually an alias pointing to the administrator.

This may save time.

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