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1. Introduction

In this section, you can set the various email aliases pointing to user accounts. The behavior changes slightly for normal user accounts and virtual email domain user accounts.

1.1 Main domain user accounts

For those users, you can set various email aliases. You can set either a simple alias (a name) or a fully qualified alias (name@domain). The later is stored in /etc/mail/virtusertable. If this file does not exist on your system, it will be created and a new /etc/ must be generated (using linuxconf) to cope with it.

If an alias is already used (points to another user account), setting it here will create a small distribution list. Both accounts will receive the messages for this alias.

1.2 Virtual email domain user accounts

For this type of account, only simple aliases are supported. They are stored in the main alias file of the virtual email domain (/etc/vmail/aliases.THE_domain).

You can also set the maximum size of the inbox (in kilobytes). You can select either the domain default maximum size, or override and enter a value. Note that this limit is stored in the file /var/spool/vmail/THE_domain/user.quota.

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