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9. Connection Classes

All connections to the server are associated with a certain "connection class", being them income or outgo (initiated by the server), being them clients, servers or Martians. (Notice that ircd doesn't have direct support for Martians); they will have to register as normal users.

9.1 Server classes


all your uplinks for who you do not wish to hub; same in classes

80 and/or 70.


leaf servers (only used if your server is a hub)

9.2 Client classes




for all .net and .com that are not in Europe.


for everybody.

9.3 Ping Frequence

The frequency that the server ping this connection.

9.4 Connection Frequency

I don't know what it really does. I think it is the frequency that this class can connect to the server.

Prevents users to flood connections.

9.5 Maximun number of links

The maximum of connections by the same IP.

9.6 Send Quota Size

No description.

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