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1. Server Information

Information about your server.

1.1 Server Name

There is a diference between the "hostname" and the "server name" of the machine on which the server is running on. For example, the host can have "" as FQDN, and "" as server name.

A "server mask" is something like "*", which is matched by "" but not by ""

1.2 Description

A little description about the server.

1.3 Server Number

Note that the server number has to be unique on the network which your server is running on, it must be between 1 and 64, and it is not updated on a rehash.

1.4 Leaf Servers

Select "Leaf server" if you don't want to hub for any server.

It is very recommended to set this on for leaf servers.

1.5 Administrative Information

This sets information that can be retrieved with the /ADMIN command.

It should have at least an admin Email contact address.

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