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2. Configuration examples

2.1 GNU/Linux

To setup a linux entry just setup a root partition correctly and provide the kernel location and parameters.

2.2 GNU/Hurd, Mach

With the kernel of these operating systems, you can provide a module to be load. Here is an example for loading a Mach kernel:

2.3 FreeBSD

When booting FreeBSD, you can provide a FreeBSD partition:

2.4 DOS, Windows, Windows NT, OS2

DOS and Windows doesn't have a kernel loadable by grub. Instead, they have its own kernel loaders. To boot such a system, you must load their kernel loaders. You can do this by chain-loading the partition first sector, or by providing a file to chain-load.

Here is a usual DOS/Windows configuration:

If you want to boot DOS and have Windows NT installed in your computer, you'll need to chainload a file:

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