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2. Domain name or IP reverse mapping

The dialog to create a domain name is similar to the one used to create an IP reverse mapping. The first field is either a domain name or an IP number.

2.1 Domain name

You must enter the domain name. A domain name is a series of names glued together with dots. For example:


can be read as the sub-domain solucorp, part of the sub-domain qc, itself part of the top-level domain ca.

Unless you have an isolated network, you must request an official domain name. Say you want to register the domain, you will have to request permission from the authority managing the domain com. If later you want to setup the domain, you will have to ask yourself, since you will be the authority of the domain

Your Internet Service Provider will help you to select a proper domain name.

If you are not connected to the Internet, you are free to set up any domain you want.

2.2 Network number

When setting up a pseudo domain for IP reverse mapping, just enter the prefix of the network number. For example, if you are setting an IP reverse mapping for network, just enter 192.168.1. You can also enter the longer and Linuxconf will translate that correctly.

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