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2. Setting up a sub-domain

A sub-domain is a way to hand off authority to another administration. Setting a sub-domain involves mostly telling where the DNS which manages this sub-domain is located. This is a two step process. First, you must define which machines are managing the sub-domain. Next, you must give the IP numbers of those machines, if they are part of the sub-domain. A DNS of a domain need not be part of the domain it is managing.

2.1 An example: Setting the sub-domain

Some facts first...

Perform these steps...

Now your DNS knows two things: Which machine(s) is(are) responsible for the sub-domain, and, how to reach it. This information combination is often referred to as the glue record.

2.2 Not setting a sub-domain

It is not necessary to setup a complete sub-domain just to have a sub-category of machine. Suppose that for a project, you want to refer to two machines as and You can simply define these machines' IPs using the host information screen. The information will be dispatched in the database.

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