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There the following aspects to consider while configuring Amanda

1.1 Using the default value or not

You may fill a field or left it using the internal Amanda default value.

A field will use internal defaults when:

Left blank

Selected as 'undefined' or 'use default'.

1.2 Numeric fields' suffixes

Integer arguments may have one of the following (case insensitive) suffixes, some of which have a multiplier effect:

b byte bytes

Some number of bytes.

g gb gbytes gigabytes

Some number of gigabytes (bytes*1024*1024*1024).

k kb kbytes kilobytes

Some number of kilobytes (bytes*1024).

kps kbps

Some number of kilobytes per second (bytes*1024).

m mb meg mbytes megabytes

Some number of megabytes (bytes*1024*1024).

mps mbps

Some number of megabytes per second (bytes*1024*1024).

tape tapes

Some number of tapes.

day days

Some number of days.

week weeks

Some number of weeks (days*7).

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